Collect all kinds of class programming exceptions and fault solutions.

Compiling error for a class with static members in C++

I created a class with static members but I faced a compiling error which is "a storage class can only be specified for objects and functions.".
What's the solution?

Organizing kivy layout(s) and classes

I have a rather large App split in a single .kv file and a file accessing a library of other .py files. I came to a point where i want to organize everything and split up large layouts into

how to create Lua methods that work with tables automatically

In Lua, I see some methods such as the string and io class that allows you to call the method from the table automatically, without the need to instantiate an object for this, example:
the followin...

How to name classes?

Very occasionally, while creating a new class or looking at an existing class, I wonder how to choose the role for that class?
For e.g. when do I call a class: FooService vs FooManager vs FooBuil...

Why can stateful widgets be used inside a stateless widget in Flutter?

To illustrate my point the following code indicates a stateless widget with a drawer widget which is stateful
import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
void main() => runApp(MyApp());
class MyApp

Tensorflow object detection using non-consecutive class IDs

I have trained a few models using the tensorflow object detection API. For now, my class IDs were from 1 to num_classes, zero being background. Is it possible for the graph to output IDs which are ...

Why i am getting maximum trigger depth exceeded. System.DmlException Upsert failed?

Please help! I am getting an error when After update trigger is running. the error is -
System.DmlException: Upsert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: CANNOT_INSERT_UPDATE_ACTIVATE_ENTI...

Can a framework be considered a class of classes?

I have seen this question What is the difference between a class library and a framework
and throughout all the provided answers, the framework is always referenced as a framework. I am looking to ...

Ninject DI with Class Library Project

I'm working on a larger scale MVC App and have been trying to use DI with Ninject. I have the following projects:
Core - Class Library (contains a custom membership provider)
Domain - Class Library (

Need help about multiclass classifier for Matlab

i need 2 matlab function . These functions will be multiclass classifier . I have 26 different classes . each class has 16 different values . i have 20k rows data at total . each row has class label (

Scala: referencing companion object from a child class

I'm thinking of a following Scala class layout. I have a basic trait that represents an Item - an interface of what ought to be an immutable object that we can query for name, weight and do some ob...