Collect all kinds of azure programming exceptions and fault solutions.

Multiple separate triggers in azure-pipelines.yml

I currently have a monorepo with services in subdirectories that I'm leaning towards turning into a multirepo with a metarepo.
One of the reasons I decided to give Azure DevOps a try was someone t...

How to remove metadata about on-prem domain from Azure Active Directory

A few years ago we made decision to migrate our on-premise Active directory and Ms Exchange to the cloud and it was done with using setting up the hybrid deployment with federation.
Eventually, we

Unable to find type AzureSqlSyncGroupSchemaTableModel

I need a PowerShell script to sync between an Azure SQL Database and a SQL Server on-premises database. I have gone through this link (

Azure DevOps API: get all testcase steps

Is there a way to get all the testcase steps data via Azure DevOps API?

Retrieve key vault in web activity in Azure Data Factory

I am new to Azure Data Factory and I am now stuck at last step to finish my current task.
There are few REST API's that I need to call from ADF using Web Activity but before I make to REST API POST...

POST data to REST API using Azure Data Factory

I am trying to setup Web activity to POST data from Azure Data Lake Gen 1 to REST API service, followed similar setup performed in this link but couldn't succeed due to error 'Missing file'.

Pass tags (with spaces) to an ARM template using Azure Devops Pipeline

I am using Azure DevOps Pipelines to deploy an ARM template. My template has a tags parameter that I pass into the pipeline using AzureResourceManagerTemplateDeployment@3.
My ARM template has a val...

Azure pipelines: is it mandatory to have azure pipelines and code in same branch

I'm new to azure pipelines. I have build job with azure pipeline and source code are in same branch dev and running fine but is it possible to have azure pipeline and source code in separate branch...

Emails are not reaching in microsoft azure hosted website

We have hosted our website on the Microsoft Azure platform. We created a new contact us form.
From the contact us form, the mails are not reaching the mail id it is directed to after uploading our ...

MS ADAL plugin with issue with IONIC 5

UI Error : AADSTS9002325: Proof Key for Code Exchange is required for cross-origin authorization code redemption
Console Error: he request body must contain the following parameter: 'client_secret or

Is there a way to access compute quotas with the Azure CLI or Python SDK?

I want to tabulate the compute quotas for each Azure ML workspace, in each Azure location, for my organization's Azure subscription. Although it is possible to look at the quotas manually through the

Currently using two modes of authentication (Basic and OpenIDConnect) need to decide where to route the logic

I am using service fabric, APIM and some policies in the APIM Inbound/outbound.
Just have the following questions where I am really not clear, please help me.
My API is going to call a third party ...

Question about Azure Load Balancer/Azure Traffic Manager

If one application have Azure serviceBus, EventHub in diff Azure Namesapces, web application and also other azure services (eg: cognitive services). can these be accessed with one URL by using Gate...

I am not able to find enough properties from Get-AzADUser, is there any alternative to use complete properties?

How to find disabled accounts through Azure Powershell?
I am trying find out the disabled accounts from our Azure Active Directory using get-AzureADuser cmd.
But it doesn't have any properties rela...

How to add Tracing to IIS under Windows Server 2012 R2 under Azure

We are currently struggling to add Tracing to the roles on a Windows Server 2012 R2 under Azure. We have been working through Avanti's description of the procedure but consistently encounter a fail...

Request Timeout in Azure Cosmos DB in sdk v3

I am inserting the data to azure cosmos db. In some time it throws an error (Request Timeout : 408). I have increased the Request Timeout to 10 mins.
Also, i have iterate each item from api and cal...

Azure - GCP - connection via Openvpn

I need to create connection between GCP and Azure cloud. There in Open vpn connection created between GCP and Azure cloud, OpenVPN azure IP is
In Azure I have core vnetA and satelite vnetB.

DevOps pipeline on self-hosted MacOS agent fails on NuGet package restore but works on Azure Pipeline

I faced a problem with running a DevOps pipeline on self-hosted MacOS (Catalina) build agent and it fails on the step NuGet Package Restore. The same step is successful when run on Azure Pipeline a...

When trying to clone gilab through azure pipeline it showing ssl error?

2020-08-13T11:23:42.2930076Z ##[warning]Git fetch failed with exit code 128, back off 6.913 seconds before retry.
2020-08-13T11:23:49.1339276Z ##[command]git fetch --force --tags --prune --progress...

Connect Azure DevOps repository to another Azure DevOps repository from different account

I have an organizational Microsoft account and a Visual Studio Professional subscription. Also I have my own Microsoft account and a project in Azure DevOps.
What I need is to connect my own DevOps

Azure Data Transfer from Remote Data Center

Currently I have a Powershell script running on a VM (not on Azure) using NEW-PS Drive and the server credentials to do a database transfer:
$obj = [PSCustomObject] @(
Write - Output "Timest...

Execute .bat file on on agent through Azure Pipeline

I am new to Azure DevOps and I want to execute a .bat file to trigger my automated test cases. The batch is already present on the agent.
I have created a batch script task and provided the path of...

Azure Storage: Is it possible to have more than 250 storage accounts per subscription?

According to the official documentation for Azure storage accounts, at most 250 accounts can be created per subscription. Is there a way to request a higher limit through Azure support or is this a...

Is there a way to download the azure sql database managed backups

Azure sql database has a automatic managed backup.
But seems it can only restore to azure. (which will trigger some cost)
Can I somehow download the backup file to my local computer directly?

In Appinsigts, determine if the timestamp returned by a query is >24h ago

I have a log sequence in Azure AppInsights that keeps log records from each run of a scheduled job.
In order to know when a job was last run, I use request as follows
| where name == &...

Azure Datafactory can't handle empty json array in blob

in azure data factory dataset, using the copy activity to load json blob to sqldb, when the json blob is an empty array "[]" the copy activity gets stuck with error.

Why is my Azure application asking for admin consetment although i do not request for admin scopes?

I am developing a web application that allow users from any azure organization to give my application reading rights on their OneDrive using windows Graph-Api (scope: File.Read.All)
I registered a ...

Able to connect SFTP server while disable the ssh host key (checked the box)

I am able to establish the connection while using SSH host key validation disable (checked box clicked please refer the image) but I believe if we disable the host key it means we were bypassing the

How to create azure data factory pipeline and trigger it automatically whenever file arrive in SFTP?

I'm building azure data factory pipeline where source is SFTP and target is azure blob storage.
The files can arrive at anytime and any number of files can come into the SFTP on the daily basis.
I ...

Authentication problem with multi-tier app in Azure App Service

I have two apps deployed on two separate Azure web services for containers. One for frontend is a VUE js app running on nginx the other is Python FastAPI API running on uvicorn. I want users to

Lost my Azure Icon on the VSCODE activity bar

I have been using the VSCODE Azure extensions successfully till yesterday.
Yesterday I changed the Azure account (and it says I a logged in)
I also added the azure machine language extension.
Now, ...

What is the best way to copy data from Hadoop to an external disk?

I have to move around 80TB data from Hadoop to Azure. I got 10 data disks from Azure which I can connect to the gateway node one at a time.
After connecting the azure disk to gateway node machine I...

How to obtain nested fields within JSON

I wish to update a nested field within my JSON document. I want to query for all of the "state" that equal "new"
"id": "123"

How to Run Karate API tests on Azure pipelines

New to Karate & Azure. Just created few API tests using Karate and easy simple. Want to take it further adding it Azure pipeline.
Found few links that just points to add pom.xml and maven from

ADF V2 Explicit Mapping

I need to do some explicit mapping in the Copy Activity and we can't use Flows. Is there a document anywhere that describers how the tabular translator working in the mapping? I need to do some basic

Can't move Azure CDN Endpoint from one resource group to another

I'm trying to move CDN endpoint resources from one subscription to another subscription but I'm getting the following error. I have the CDN profile and endpoint in same RG.

Unable to connect SQL Azure through Access Token generated through bearer token

I was trying to connect my SQL Azure Queries through Bearer token which is generated through this query
$token= & az account get-access-token --resource= --query

Trying to attach SSL certificate on application gateway using azure terraform

I am trying to pass PFX certificate from local machine to code azure terraform but when i am applying this method in terraform its showing one error certificate or password invalid. i have tested

"azureWebAppPublish" plugin in jenkins is deleting webjob deploys content in azure web app service

Into my pipeline I have to use the "azureWebAppPublish" as a step inside a stage. This action will be repeated other 2 times beacuse I have 3 webjobs to deploy in the same azure webapp. The

How to achieve closest VM proximity in Azure

I'm trying to achieve the closest node proximity within a set of Azure VMs to minimize network latency. What is the difference in terms of node proximity between the following three options:
A set...

Maximum number of redirect URIs in Azure AD B2C for each application?

What is the maximum number of redirect urls for a registered application in Azure B2C active Directory? Can I enhance the limitation to 2000 redirect urls for example premium version? I assume the ...

how to send signal r notification to azure ad authenticated users from azure function app?

Hi I have azure data factory which will be triggered by users which they are authenticated via azure ad implicit flow. ADF after the run will send events to service bus. Now I have to write azure

Azure logic apps REST API

I'm trying to automatically deploy an azure logic app with a managed connector to MS To Do. The resourcegroup, the logic app itself and the api connection are deployed via Azure devops and to this ...

Authenticating with Azure AD using UPN (User principal name)

I have Angular 9 client calling Azure Functions. I started off with msal-angular package using "implicit grant flow" for authentication, and that worked fine.
My client app registration in

Azure storage server auto includes x-ms-request-id header in get blob operation

I am trying list blob operation followed by get blob operation. List blob works well but when it comes to get blob , the server auto includes x-ms-request-id in the header string resulting in unmat...

Azure Permanently whitelisting IP

Hope you are all safe!!!
I have a live project running on Azure Environment.
As part of data checking when i tried to access the Database using the SSMS in my machine, Everytime I need to white lis...

How to make Azure AD access_token compliant for its signature validation outside Microsoft Graph APIs?

I have created a Azure AD Mobile and desktop applications. Now I am getting my access_token using following API,
POST{Directory (tenant) ID

Azure Functions - Always On and HTTP Triggers

I am currently looking into occasional slow responses after periods of inactivity for an Azure Function application. The Azure Function runs on a dedicated plan, with host runtime version 1.x, and ...

rsyslog output module to azure log analytics

I have few containers running and I am sending logs from these to a rsyslog server via docker logging-driver.
Now is there a way wherein I can send these logs from the rsyslog server to Azure log

Azure advisor: Api to provide detailed information about the recommendation check

I am looking forward to integrating Azure Advisor in my application. Using Recommendations - List API., I am getting the data but the description for the recommendation check is too short and when ...