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Kendo Combobox Server Filtering on Cloned Object

I have a kendo combobox in a hidden div so that it can be cloned for a repeater in a form:

ASP .NET MVC - getting null querystring values in controller

I'm trying to reach a controller method by providing some url parameters :
Here's the method I want to reach :
public ActionResult Index(string topic)

Can I change the connectionString text in webconfig file in BeforePublish event in VS2019?

In my ASP.Net MVC Project, I have the connection string for the sql server in the webConfig file. But during development we use the test server and while publishing we change the connection string ...

IdentityModel vs Microsoft.IdentityModel vs System.IdentityModel

I am implementing OIDC/OAuth authentication & authorization in a classic MVC application using OWIN. For API calls that are not supported by Microsoft's OIDC middleware, it appears tha...

Is there a way to export or package kentico's widgets so that I can use them in another project?

I am using Kentico 12.0.61. I was wondering if there is a way to make widgets portable? I currently have a project with multiple widgets that I want to use in a completely new project. Can I someway

How to add Javascript methods in MVC view when jquery will load later

There are many MVC views in my project which have their own specific JS functions.
I would like to add these functions in the view itself.

Install aspent boilerplate package on new project get error

I'm using new abp version template (Aspnet MVC+AngularJs) and want to add new class library project to it, when install abp nugget package (5.10.1) to it, got this error:
unable to find a version of '

Rules in .Net and SQL Server

I have a Asp.Net MVC form with multiple attributes, the data from this form is saved into a SQL table.
I need a way to define a set of rules among the attributes on the form. There can be 2 types of

ASP.NET Cannot detect parentheses in URL in some formats

I do not know what this format with parentheses is called or what it is supposed to do or achieve: http://localhost/(A(somethinghere))/ displays the view at http://localhost/
I've been looking thro...

Crystal Reports with Blazor

I'm looking at converting an ASP.NET MVC program that includes Crystal Reports to Blazor, but Blazor runs with ASP.NET Core and Crystal Reports doesn't seem to support that. Is there some way of r...

Returning 401 Unauthorised from WebAPI

In my WebAPI, if I detect a Bad Authorisation I use the following;
public HttpResponseMessage CustomerQuotationComplete(Guid apiKey, int EnquiryId, int SiteId, bool accepted)

Docusign api integration with mvc form to capture the signature

I have web application with the form built in At the end of the form i have to capture the signature of the users using docusign. I dont want to create any form in the docusign. Everything

Different logins in different tabs using Google Chrome?

I need to observe real-time, back-and-forth I/O exchange between one (or more) guest(s) and one (ore more) admin(s).
Using Visual Studio and Google Chrome, is it possible to simultaneously run thr...

How to check elasticksearch health with different metrics in single API call?

I need to read following elasticksearch metrics
No. of Jobs
Overall Health
No. of Nodes
Disk Available in %
JVM Heap Size
No. of Indices
Primary Shards
Replica Shards
in ASP.Net MVC

Silverlight with mvc or Ria Services?

I have an MVC application which uses html5 and jquery on the client side. Management want to experiment with Silverlight as they feel it will give the end user the impression they are runni...

Unity Inject dependencies into MVC filter class with parameters

I'm using Unity.MVC4 dependency injection for accessing my services. Everything works as it should when injecting into my Controller constructor, but what I would like to do now is to use property

Castle Windsor IOC in MVC Controller

I have set up Castle Windsor IoC in MVC. I've read through the tutorials, and have done this:
public class HomeController : Controller

fluentvalidation multiple submit buttons, different validation scenarios

I have an address search area on my form in my mvc3 application. the whole form is submitted using the main submit button and the address search is initiated using the search button.
When ...

What are good candidates for base controller class in ASP.NET MVC?

I've seen a lot of people talk about using base controllers in their ASP.NET MVC projects. The typical examples I've seen do this for logging or maybe CRUD scaffolding. What are some other good use...

Multiple validations on a property using FluentValidation

I'm using FluentValidation and ASP.NET MVC 3.
I just have a couple of questions regarding the validation.
I have my validation on my view model setup like this:
public NewsViewModelValidator()

Changing validation based on type using FluentValidation

I have a simply model like so:
public class EntryModel : BaseNopEntityModel
public virtual string ProductActionValue { get; set; }
I'm using

FluentValidation client-side validation

I tried to use GreaterThen validator and it looks like it doesn't support client-side validation. Is there a list of FluentValidation validators which support client-side validation?

How to validate Date in ClientSide using FluentValidation?

The below code is working fine Server side and not Client side. Why ?
When I submit the form, control goes to BeAValidDate function to check the date is valid or not. Is there any way to

Asynchronous processing mvc with client side progress feedback

I am building an image management tool and I want to know how I can create a Vimeo-like experience.
Description of what needs to happen
The user will be able to upload many potentially large images

Tracking online users in signalr: where I should create instance of PresenceManager and how to pass the parameter heartbeat to it

I read this topic which is about enhancing the method for tracking online users using database. In short, the method use the following database :
public class ConnectedClient
public long ID ...

Extend SumoLogicSink with additional MVC handler information in Serilog

How do I extend a Serilog sink to automatically include MVC handler information when making explicit warning and exception log requests? There is a good article on how to log all MVC requests but I...

What are "IIS simulated HTTP requests"?

Does anybody know where I can find details about the IIS simulated HTTP requests feature identified at System.Web.Hosting.IProcessHostPreloadClient ?
I'm trying to do the "usual" ASP.NET site warmup

Which's the best performance between MVC controller VS. Wcf for Silverlight Application?

I found that Mvc controller can serve both Mvc View and Silverlight application via DynamicActionResult(It can be Simple Action Result or Json Action Result depend on request type)....

No parameterless constructor defined for this object in mvc4

using Michell.ClaimsAuditAdmin.Models;
using Mitchell.ClaimsAuditAdmin.Repositories;
using Mitchell.ClaimsAuditAdmin.Web.Models;
using System.Web.Mvc;
namespace Mitchell.ClaimsAuditAdmin.Web.Contr...

Weird behavior from Create() method in MVC4 - new object getting set with ID = 0, saved as something else

I'm debugging this method for two cases: one where there is a parent, the other where there is no parent.
If there is no parent, the new Person has an id of 0 but never actually gets saved to th... MVC - Why each element on a different row?

I'm creating a simple MVC form using bootstrap. My form looks like:
<div class="row">
<div class="col-md-4">@Html.TextBox("City", "", new {

Need Help understanding this code

I am trying to learn unit testing. I am trying to unit test some Memembership stuff I am making in mvc 1.0. I been following a book on MVC and I am confused about some stuff that hopefully

Use MiniProfiler only for debugging or local request

I would like to use the MiniProfiler for my MVC3 application, so I followed Scott Hanselman's blog post
My Global.asax.cs file has the necessary changes like in the source's MVC sample.
But I would