Exclude Flows and Files From MUnit Test Coverage

1. Overview

In this article, we will discuss how to exclude flows and files in MUnit test. This is useful when you want to exclude unnecessary flows/files from MUnit test coverage. We also demonstrate how to run specific MUnit file or flow.

2. What Is MUnit?

MUnit is a Mule application testing framework which allows you to build automated tests for your Mule integrations and API’s. With MUnit you can mock, spy, tag processors. We will learn about these MUnit tools in next articles.

3. How to Exclude Flows and Files From MUnit Coverage?

Sometimes you may need to exclude particular files or flows from MUnit coverage. In such cases we can exclude entire file or specific flow from MUnit coverage.

Note: This will work only when you run test cases from terminal not from Anypoint Studio due to continuous integration.  

3.1 Ignore Files

Let’s see how to exclude files from MUnit coverage. To exclude files from coverage report you just need to add ignoreFiles tag in your pom file.

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