The Enterprise Digital Testing Quality Funnel

Enterprises are facing more challenges than ever with the digital transformations of the modern age. Apps for mobile and for the web require development within rigid specifications and timelines. To tackle these challenges head-on and ensure your enterprise can compete in the era of the Big Four (GAFA), you need to build an enterprise digital testing Quality Funnel.

Nearly every aspect of our lives has changed in the digital age, and communication and business collaboration are no exceptions. If anything, these areas are advancing fastest, and applications have arisen to ensure the needs of this new world are met by enterprises around the world.

The businesses of the past have always been brick-and-mortar operations. All of the largest companies, such as banks, could be found somewhere physical: they had branches, and in a branch, there was a safe and a bank teller. Now, however, these companies, including the banks, utility companies, and retail stores are all closer in relation to software companies than anything resembling the brick-and-mortar of the past. Consider grocery stores that allow for online shopping and delivery. Such a company could more rightly be called an eCommerce business with a food specialization.

All enterprises that compete in markets that have been transformed by the digital age have made this shift, or else they wouldn’t still be here. Customers today are better educated than ever, and they know exactly what they want. User experience in digital spaces is valued more highly than almost any other asset, making the shift even more important.

The evolution must also be fast. Of course, with speed comes the risk for error – quality cannot be compromised. This has been demonstrated time and time again in every industry. Speed does not trump quality.

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Velocity at Any Cost

It’s not just the consumer, but the way products are purchased and consumed in the first place that has changed. Business has had to adapt as a result.

Growing revenue and improving the customer experience are the two most important priorities, as Forrester details above. The recommended way to achieve this is by improving time-to-market, online user experience, and all mobile aspects of the company.

Everything funnels down to the overall customer experience. You can’t just release a new product faster – or come up with a new feature sooner than your competition – that won’t cut it anymore.

The Unfairness of Digital Assurance

When you adopt an agile methodology, you’ll learn almost immediately that poor user experiences are the primary barrier to success. In the digital realm, this can come from poor testing. Bugs and errors must be properly addressed through automated testing and appropriate feedback processes during development. More testing means a higher chance of your application releasing and being used successfully. This is where digital assurance comes in – all situations need to be covered, be it different devices, different operating systems, different browsers, and more. Without this enterprise digital testing, your application will be at a severe technical disadvantage.

Although the digital arena is largely dominated and monopolized by GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon), many other large enterprises are beginning to make inroads.

However, doing so is inherently unfair. When it comes to digital assurance, GAFA has the clear and obvious advantage, from engineering to finances. Their nearly unlimited resources, capability, and money make them a force to be reckoned with.

This makes it all the more important to be certain that your organizational assets are perfect (or as close as you can get them) before you stand toe-to-toe with any of these giants.

The Quality Funnel Will Put You at the Digital Table

To compete, businesses need the “quality funnel.” The Big Four can throw as much money as they need to at any problem they wish to solve. A modest enterprise must, unfortunately, trust in the process.

What is the process? Continuous app releases and updates with an automated enterprise digital testing regime are what’s needed.

The quality funnel is the assembly line of the digital world.

All enterprise digital testing can be broken into discrete parts, piece by piece, flowing from one test to the next. The central process of running tests is the result.

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Similar to the way the engineers and designers of race cars rely on feedback from drivers, an application needs continuous feedback from its testing tools.

In the end, there is no single person who can be entirely responsible for ensuring that digital assurance is achieved. All development operations, particularly those with Agile implementations, require feedback, collaboration, and communication to guarantee the quality of the release and confirm all parties have an adequate stake in its success.

By building the quality funnel, you are ensuring that your release quality is guaranteed, rather than depending on specific individuals within the project.

Practical Enterprise Digital Testing Applications

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As we can see in the image above, continuous releases imply continuous testing. This, in turn, will require reliable, comprehensive data.

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To compete in the modern digital age, companies are now using assembly line-like procedures, such as the quality funnel described here, in order to automate their enterprise digital testing and allow for continuous releases. This changes the game from ensuring concepts go to market as fast as possible. Rather, versions are developed, tested, and re-released constantly based on feedback, allowing for more efficient development, testing, and release processes.