An Alternative To iPad's SplitView Component

While looking through the plans for the next iteration of Titanium, I noticed they are getting around all the limitations present in the current iPad Split View (UISplitViewController) with MGSplitViewController, a version developed by Matt Gemmell. I had been hacking away with the default split view implementation through Appcelerator for some time now, and hearing this news made my day.

Some of the essential features in this version of the split view: 

  • Toggling visibility of the side view regardless of the orientation of the device.
  • The ability to have a horizontal, as well as vertical, split.
  • If the split is displayed, it can be dragged.

Of course, if you're a hardcore iOS developer (i.e. using Objective-C) you can get the code and try it out for yourself.


This is a great addition for iPad developers, finally giving more control over how the split view acts.

On a related note, have you any open iOS components that you'd like to share?