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What is the difference between horizontal scaling and distributed systems?

I am studying system design right now. I tried to research this, but the only thing I could find was a poorly explained answer on Quora.
1) What is the difference between horizontal scaling and

Whats app System Design on sent, delivered read

Client A is offline: In this scenario, When the client came active, Do all the stored messages (in the phone) are sent by the client application to the server or after getting connected Whatsapp Se...

Version 12.0 beta 4 fails to import a custom framework for simulator (OK for device)

I have my own framework (written in Swift) containing common functions which I use in several apps. One of them compiles and runs on a device, however when I try to compile it for a simulator, the '

Repository architecture vs Client-Server architecture?

Prepping for an exam and it asks:
What are the key aspects of a repository architecture that
differentiate it from a client-server architecture?
My response to that is:
Repository archite...

cmake - create architecture aware makefile

I've written a ( not so ) small bash script to generate my generic makefiles.
These makefiles detect the host architecture at the beginning, and create all objects and outputs in a folder with the ...