Collect all kinds of apache-flink programming exceptions and fault solutions.

Apache Flink SQL InvalidProgramException: Selected sort key is not a sortable type

This is my Flink SQL
SELECT t.reportCode FROM query_record_info as t LEFT JOIN credit_report_head as c ON t.reportCode = c.reportCode
when i run it,i got a wrong
Exception in thread "main&quo...

FLINK Streaming from KAFKA KRB5 Kerberos Issue

I am trying to stream data from flink kafkaconsumer using:
Here my KAFKA is Kerberos secured and SSL enabled.
I am r...

How might I implement a map of maps in Flink keyed state that supports fast insert, lookup and iteration of nested maps?

I'd like to write a Flink streaming operator that maintains say 1500-2000 maps per key, with each map containing perhaps 100,000s of elements of ~100B. Most records will trigger inserts and reads, ...

How to stop Apache Flink CEP Pattern?

please help me, i've two questions:
I read from Apache Kafka json-messages,(then I have steps: deserialization to POJO, filter, keyBy ....)
Which is better to use: KeyedProcessFunction (with state,

apache flink windows installation

I am trying to install flink on windows running into all sorts of problems . Please help.
Downloading the tar file from net, does not give me windows bat file options. Used the download links at h...

Flink yarn-session mode is becoming unstable when running ~10 batch jobs at same time

I am trying to set up a flink-yarn session to run ~100+ batch jobs. After getting connected to ~40 task managers and ~10 jobs running (each task manager with 2 slots and 1GB memory each) it looks l...