Collect all kinds of amazon-ec2 programming exceptions and fault solutions.

EC2 could not expand EBS volume when using Centos 8 AMI Official

I'm using Centos public images in to launch EC2 instance, more detail I'm using T3.micro. After I modified volume size in AWS console, I can see a new size has bee...

aws esc windows container pseudoTerminal cloudwatch ouput with strange chars

I am running AWS ESC (Windows EC2).
The container with -t runs well on my machine. The task definition has pseudoTerminal: true so that it will run -t on Windows EC2.
The output logged into CloudWa...

trying to get ec2 image list including blockDeviceMappings.snpshotID

I need to get list of ec2 images including the bloak device snapshot ID, the list should include only the images belongs to me.
Till now i have managed to get the list of image iD without the extra

Not able to CHEF bootstrap a windows EC2 instance, Winrm error

I am using CHEF 12 and trying to bootstrap an EC2 instance (Win server 2012 R2) from my workstation. However, I am getting the below error.
> Waiting for remote response before
> bootstrap.....