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What is DynamoDB's server-side timeout if any?

I'm aware I can set various client-side timeouts in my DynamoDb client. But what are the server-side timeouts?
For example, if I set a clientExecutionTimeout or requestTimeout of 1sec, will Dynamodb

Dynamodb boto3 conditional update

I am updating a counter in dynamodb and it works fine, but I would also like to do an additional update based on the value.

DynamoDB put-item ConditionalCheckFailedException

Given the table schema defined below (create-table.json) I am getting the following error after I call put-item using add-event1.json followed by add-event2.json:
A client error (

How to scan dynamo table in AWS console with OR condition?

Recently, I have started using dynamo table and coming from SQL background, I am little confused the way it works.
I want to know if it is possible to scan the table with OR condition? All I see i...