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Getting CORS error in Firefox for WCF POST REST request

I am getting CORS error in Firefox for WCF POST request. This code is working fine in Edge, and Chrome. The error is seen only in Firefox. Furthermore the error is seen in Firefox only when I make ...

Local GeoJSON file with Mapbox

I'm trying to load a local file to MapBox getting error messages:
ERROR parsererror No conversion from text to geojson from ajax function and
ErrorĀ {message: "Input data is not a valid GeoJSON

How to perform an arithmetic operation of 2 inputText with ajax in jsf and primefaces

Hello good afternoon I have a query I am trying to perform an arithmetic operation of 2 InputText with ajax in jsf and primefaces and that shows the result in another InputText but I can't get it t...

jQuery: Performing synchronous AJAX requests

I've done some jQuery in the past, but I am completely stuck on this. I know about the pros and cons of using synchronous ajax calls, but here it will be required.
The remote page is loaded (

Why is Ajax returning 'error' but running 'success' in Firefox?

type: "POST",
url: "test.php",
data: 'action='+action+'&workOrderID='+value+'&wid='+wid+'&eid='+eid+'&lastName='+lastName+'&firstName='+firstName+'&finalComment='+c...

How to properly render partial views, and load JavaScript files in AJAX using Express/Jade?

I am using Express + Jade for my web application, and I'm struggling with rendering partial views for my AJAX navigation.
I kind of have two different questions, but they are totally link...

How does WCF RIA Services handle authentication/authorization/security?

Since no one answered this question:
What issues to consider when rolling your own data-backend for Silverlight / AJAX on non-ASP.NET server?
Let me ask it another way:
How does WCF RIA Services

cakephp Ajax: city select box not populating when state is selected

I'm trying to populate the city select box based on the selected state (which is also a select box) using Ajax. When i select state, the city select box is not being populated.
There are 5 models ...

Returning error from controller to AJAX jQuery

I works with MVC and I have get "Error" from belowe my JavaScript code:
This is my AJAX jQuery code:
$(document).ready(function () {
var dataId;
$(".item2 .small-img...

Login form ExtJS 4 Ext.Ajax.request Server Django 1.5

I work with ExtJs 4.2.1, Django 1.5.2, DB Postgresql 9.1.
I have a login form in my web site, which is shown after the user clicks on a button in a toolbar. After he/she inserts the credentials (