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Unable to give string as first parameter in dictionary Acumatica 2019R2 (Device hub print related)

I am unable to give a string as the first parameter in dictionary Acumatica 2019R2
public void PrintReportInDeviceHub(string reportID, Dictionary<string, string> parametersDictionary, string

How can you Extend a UI Extension in Acumatica

I have a client that has Manufacturing installed. On the Stock Item Screen the MFG code adds a Manufacturing tab. I want to add a new field to the Manufacturing tab, but I do not want to update th...

PO Line Account selector selection doesn't display in field

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Getting duplicate Cache.Inserted records when trying to create new row

I am trying to generate a production order and insert one detail line. When creating the detail line, everything is going well until I try to call the Persist or Update methods. When I do that, the...