Collect all kinds of actions-on-google programming exceptions and fault solutions.

Cannot have link-out button (or chip) and call-out button (or chip) in one response

I created a google action using Google action SDK web hook. I need display a link-out button(or chip) as well as call-out button(or chip). I have tried different combination, no luck. See below a c...

Are users delinked after from AoG action after a time period?

We have account linking turned on our action.
Looking to understand if a user does not use the action for a period of time say 30 days will they be automatically delinked/deregistered from action f...

Have to add empty button to display call-out button in basic card

When I create a basic card with call-out button (url=tel:+…) I have to add additional empty button, otherwise it won’t be displayed on the phone.
But if I add this empty button, the console emulato...

How to make phone number clickable in Google Assistant?

In Google Assistant SDK, if context (text body or title) includes phone number, how to make the phone number clickable, so user can call out directly.

Logo customization for Google Smart Home Action under development

I have a Smart Home Action under development (marked with "[test]"). It appears under the list of Google Smart Home Action in my Google Home App. However, the icon is the generic cloud icon

Change the position of slots for processing

New slots are added to a scene sequentially. I have a cleanup free form slot that handles any input that slots higher in the order have not handled. It has to be the last slot to be processed. But ...

google actions icon: does it serve from cache

I have been using google actions with actions sdk and most of the functionality seems to work. However, I am facing consistent issues across a few alpha test users on the updates to the application...