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How to identify public controllers in swagger doc with .NET Core

I'm working on documenting my NET Core web API and integrating it with Swagger.
I have a controller which has two methods, one public (GetEmpresas) and one that requires authorization (GetEmpresa) ...

Specflow generated tests are not running at the command line

I'm using the calculator example. I'm running .NET Core SDK 3.1, editing code in VS Code. The csproj is below.
Doing a dotnet test gives the result below. The feature file is code generated, but the

System.Text.Json problem that make swagger with .net core 3.1

I am upgrading my 2.2 .net core web app to 3.1 build succeed but
swagger doesn't load and send message Failed to load API definition. and when I inspect the web request I found this error
Schema ca...

Fluent NhiberNate .net core 3.1 with sql server

Recently I started working on NhiberNate with .net core and try something simple
I have a table like this:
public virtual Guid Id { get; set; }
public virtual string Name { get; set; }
public virtual

extraneous input '-' expecting {DECIMAL, '+', '-'}

Using the latest Antlr runtime 4.6.6,
I'm trying to handle signed numbers and can't figure what I'm doing wrong. scavenging samples from the TSQL grammar, I use the following to parse signed numbers:

Environment variable in ocelot config file

I have multiple microservices which are accessible by clients through Ocelot gateway. Inside configuration file there are properties to specify downstream host and port. This have to be done for EACH

With IdentityServer4 and Twitter sign in is there a way to connect an existing account?

With .Net Core 3.1 and IdentityServer4, I have successfully set up Twitter sign in.
However, if I already created an account with that same email address (independently of Twitter)... when I click ...

.net core build produces localization folders

I have a web solution that is using .net core 2.0. I am building it using the command:
dotnet publish MySolution.sln --configuration release --output d:\test_output
But when I check the o...

New VS Azure Function project targeting .Net Standard 2.0 fails with InternalServerError

I'm using Visual Studio 15.7.6 and Azure Functions V2 and Web Job Tools 15.0.40617.0 with .Net Core SDK 2.1.302 installed on my dev machine.
I can create a new Azure Function project, target .Net

Unable to resolve service for type 'StackExchange.Redis.Extensions.Core.Abstractions.RedisCacheClient' while attempting to activate xxx

I am facing awkward issue of REDIS. When I am using REDIS for the one class it is working properly but same code when I try to implement for another entity it is giving me the error.
My Repository ...