Collect all kinds of programming exceptions and fault solutions

javascriptGatsby: React conditional rendering based on window.innerWidth misbehaving

Conditional rendering of components based on window.innerWidth seems to not work as intended just in the production build of Gatsby based website.
The hook I am using to check the viewport's width,

rpermutation test on throwing three dice with sides labelled in a binary way

I want to model throwing three, six-sided dice permuted n number of times (say 6,000 times), where each die has three sides labelled 1 and 0.
I want to test whether three dice getting either all 1s...

kubernetesKubernetes, expose all ports

I’d like to use Kubernetes, as I’m reading everywhere : “Kubernetes is, without a doubt, the leading container orchestrator available today.“
My issue here is with the networking. I need to expose

nlpHow to use Bert for long text classification?

We know that bert has a max length limit of tokens = 512, So if an acticle has a length of much bigger than 512, such as 10000 tokens in text
How can bert be used?

htmlHow to add border-radius to ion-img in Ionic 4

I need to add border-radius to ion-img but it seems shadow DOM won't let me modify.
<ion-img [src]="img-url" [alt]="alt"></ion-img>
ion-img {
border-radius: 10px !impo...

laravelLaravel 5.8 and Passport getting SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'api_token'

I've seen many posts about this error, but none of the solutions are working for me.
I'm running Laravel 5.8 with Passport which is working fine on my development server. As expected, when attempt...

androidHow to use a custom layout as RadioButton label

I made a custom layout that I want to implement for a RadioButton.
The code for the android class is here :
public class MyRadioButton extends LinearLayout implements View.OnClickListener{

javaFeign Client Throwing Unauthorized Exception for Url, where authentication is not needed

I have followed this blog and have created few microservices: Eureka-server,Auth-service,Zuul-service,Gallery-service,Image-service.
From the gallery service I wanted to invoke auth-service API using An internal error has occurred. [ API key not valid. Please pass a valid API key. ]

I delete my old fire-base project and create a new project.
after that I got this error.
First The error was sha 1 that why I delete the old project and create new one.
import androidx.appcompat....

gitremote: Permission to ... denied to

When I do a git push I get this error:
$ git push -vv
Pushing to
remote: Permission to ... denied to foobar.
fatal: unable to access '': The requested ...

reactjsHow change the sender name of a mail with nodemailer?

I use Nodemailer with a gmail account and I would like to change the sender name.
But I don't find how to do.
The sender name is actually my email address, but I prefer to have "Consultation".

reactjsmulti.vendor e-commerce in .net core

Hi Im developing a site when users can sell some items, they need register a bank account to revieve payments, this functionality is very simple and isn´t the main website´s purpose, Is there any

c#arrayMaxConsecutiveSum c#

As part of learning c# I engage in codesignal challenges. So far everything is going good for me, except for the test stated in the title.
The problem is that my code is not efficient enough to run

javascriptI want to check if my id or class exists in a table | JavaScript

I have 2 tables, one with select option and one with results. When I choose one name from select, I show me some images from results. I do when I click specifically one name from select, change css

rTrying to Plot Standard Normal Distribution and t-distribution on same graph

dat <- data.frame(dens = c(rnorm(1000000), rt(1000000, 4)), lines = rep(c("a", "b"), each = 100000))
ggplot(dat, aes(x = dens, fill = lines)) + geom_density(alpha = 0.5)
This is my code. I'm tr...

sqlQuery to display name for value instead of ID from one table

In this table is a list of individuals and some of these individuals is a parent to another individual which is specified in parentID1 and parentID2 columns as the personID value only. I want to d...

ansibleInclude Tasks of Role By Tag Or Filter In Ansible Playbook

How can I specify only a subset of the tasks of a role for inclusion?
Say, I want to include the tasks from the role foobar, but only the ones tagged by baz:
- import_role:

tensorboardModifying TensorBoard in TensorFlow 2.0

I'm following Sentdex's DQN tutorial. I'm stuck trying to rewrite custom TensorBoard in TF 2.0. The point is to add **stats to a file, for example: {'reward_avg': -99.0, 'reward_min': -200, 'reward...

cHow to avoid a particular line using fscanf()?

I have a file contain assembly languages for sic machine.
;This is a comment line.
;just an example code.
while reading using fscanf() how to avoid the co...

c#C# Print ID CARD but Problem is without Color

i have problem with print card id when i print this not have color just black and white.
private void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
pd.DefaultPageSettings.PaperSize =...

c#Xamarin-Android - Dynamically load native C library embedded in .NET assembly

I am trying to dynamically load a custom native C library which is embedded in a .NET library at build time, used in a Xamarin-Android app.
The process I want to do is:
I built the .NET library and

mysqlMySql select the nearest date in a jointure

I'm using MySql and I need to do a specific query. I have 2 tables : Customer and Booking. Each customers can have many bookings. So I need to join theses tables but I want to display the nearest b...

ruby-on-railsActionView::Template::Error: 785: unexpected token at ''

This error happens randomly during testing (standard Rails testing toolkit) after running rails test. Failed test can be any test in any file.
This error happens usually in testing environment dur...

amazon-web-servicesSaved Parquet data into S3, creating table in athena brings null values for int unsigned,

I created a data catalog in glue based on an RDS database. Then i created a job to convert a single table into s3 as a parquet format.
Now i go to Athena and hit create table from that location in...

qtMy custom widget is not shown in Qt Creator / Qt Designer but it is shown when I execute the program

I would like to have a QTabWidget with a tab containing a custom widget.
I created a custom Widget (consisting of a .ui, .h and .cpp file)
I added this custom Widget to the first page of my QTabW...

c#c# - LoaderException for assembly (Unable to load one or more of the requested types)

So I'm working on our intranet, which is plugin based. I wrote a new plugin, which I want to deploy now. This plugin is using two .dll reference (JenkinsClient(for models) and JenkinsClientApi(helper

c#Asp.NET Core 2.2: Swagger endpoint specific security definition

I am using Swashbuckle.AspNetCore 5.0.0-rc2 in one of my .Net Core 2.2 REST projects. Within my project I am serving two different apis which are logically connected to each other.
Today, I manag...

pythonHow to save email messge item generated using exchangelib library in python

I have used exchangelib library to download emails from my Inbox.
The messages are eventually instance of exchangelib.items.Message.
I want to save this entire email as .msg file so that I can later

javascriptAdding text into a double mustache using Vue.js

I'm new to Vue and trying to learn. I have an object:
info: [
email: ""
}, {
Initial: "Initial Biosketch"
How do I load values into the html? I have tried {{

javaHow to trigger onPerformSync when a certain variable value changes

I'm developing an app which contains updating profile picture. What I'm doing is the following: I'm storing the user's profile URI using sharedPreferences, and when the user updates their profile i...

javascriptHow to change value of one table data tag with one button press

This is my JS code, what I'm trying to do is click the button with the id="tg-13", just display a 13 in the td. But what really happens when I click the "tg-13" button, all the numbers appear. How ...